Matterport 3D Showcase is loaded with features that will help you promote your brand and highlight your property to ensure that every viewer is totally engaged in your Matterport Space.

A Guided Tour Through A Matterport Space
An incredible change in the Matterport 3D Showcase is the highlight reel that is introduced in the guided tours. With the highlight reel feature, audiences are pointed toward that wide-ranging view from the second-floor study.

To give an audience a full-service experience, highlight reels are essential for a fully automated guided tour. With a guided tour, your viewers can press play, sit back, and have the major features guide you through the property. Matterport Spaces guided tours give you another way to help you visualize a true 3D Tour.

Customer Brand Name
Matterport can also help build your business and brand, by putting you in the forefront of the Matterport 3D creations. With the new feature (Presented by… field), you can include your brand name or logo on the loading screen and at the top of any 3D Showcase.

Similar to the tripod on our Virtual Tour Services, this is a great featured to embed into your Matterport 3D Tours as they add great brand presence in a clean and professional manner.

About Panel
The upper left-hand corner of your 3D Showcase lets you provide more information about the Matterport 3D Tour being viewed. Include promotional copy or describe unique features.

The About Panel also includes a phone number field. On mobile, viewers can call the property lister directly from the Matterport 3D Tour.

Lustrous and Profound Views
Matterport 3D Showcase is about displaying your amazing Spaces just like immersive 360 Virtual Tours, Aerial Photography, and HDR Real Estate Photography. It offers powerful new features while remaining sleek and ingenious.

Calibrate your Matterport 3D Showcase
New options allow you to fine-tune a Showcase in various ways of viewing your property. Features include an activate and deactivate view mode, share or hide address information option, and modify guided tour settings, all from Workshop.

MLS-friendly URLs
MLS Compliance shall be assured for users who feature their Matterport 3D Showcase on their Real Estate listing. You can pull a dedicated, MLS-safe URL for any Matterport Space, which does not include your company name (complying with those MLSs that limit the display of brand information).

Overall Matterport 3D Showcase makes it incredibly easy to market and take charge of your Matterport Spaces.