As a realtor, if you are using an Immersive 3D Tour, next time you go into a listing meeting introduce the 3D Tour service at the end of your presentation. If your intentions are to close a deal, then focus on talking about the innovative 3D Tour service after you finish going over the main features and details of the house.

Typically, showing a seller such an advance technology usually blows them away. Whatever your protocol may be, whether it’s talking in the main area or asking for a tour of the house so you know what you’re up against, make sure to always save the Immersive 3D Tour service until the end.

With such an innovative technology at your disposal, it has become extremely easy to showcase your property listings from anywhere around the globe. If you plan on offering 3D Tours as a marketing incentive for your clients, our 3D Tour Service Providers suggest that you always have a tablet handy. This will allow you to demonstrate the 3D Tours to your potential clients with ease.

Don’t be afraid to display a sample tour to them as it usually blows most people away. Additionally, make sure to show your potential clients the different options of a 3D Tour:

Dollhouse View & Immersive 3D Tours
The Dollhouse View – which is able to turn the house around 360 degrees
The Floorplan View – which is able to show everything in each level
Floor to Floor Option – which is able to go from floor to floor
Let your potential clients get familiar with 3D Tours as it will often keep them entertain for a good amount of time and make them clearly understand the essential benefits of a 3D Tour.

The true benefits of an Immersive 3D Tour to a seller are really amazing. Ultimately, you’re able to tell individuals that you can sell their home for more money, in faster time, and expose the listing to more people at the same time.

It’s so important to separate yourself from the other real estate agents that are sitting with that potential seller, and Immersive 3D Tours do just that.